Business Process Management

Turn manual routines into automated processes and work more efficiently.


The flexibility and ability to integrate with other tools means that internal processes are implemented quickly, and the results are amazing.

Allows various forms of assignment that make the process smarter and more dynamic.

Add more efficiency to the process by applying SLA in the steps and assigning timing to the process.

BPM increases staff efficiency, shortens task lead times, sets the standard for meeting each business rule, and among many other benefits, while dramatically reducing paper consumption.

BPM Functionalities

Ready Process Templates

Speed ​​process deployment by using the templates available in the process library. The templates available are free.

Integration Facilities

Integrate your processes with a range of applications such as Trello, Slack, Teans, etc. through Zapier, or use triggers to make external calls or connect to external databases to fetch data already stored in your ERP.

Custom forms

Create your own forms using the various field formats available in the designer, allowing you to customize the data to suit each step of the flow and leverage the database connection to feed them with content from other applications.

Public variables

Use the data included in the forms to generate information that better identifies the ongoing case and can be used to compose conditionals that define flow routes.

Definition of organizational units
(area, department, cost center, groups, company)

Define the company's organizational structure and make BPM understand them by delivering tasks to the people in charge of each step of the flow, or manage through groups of users.

External link to start a case

Start cases from input forms integrated with your website or links sent via e-mail to process initiators.

Dynamic user creation

Allows external users to participate in the process at specific times and while the case is active. No need to manually manage users.

Task Box

There will be a space to the tasks assigned to each user. Allows the user to hace access to the tasks lined up for him/her. Allows you to receive tasks that are directly assigned to the user logged in as work queue tasks that can be claimed and assigned to the current user.

Manual, cyclic, self-service, by variable, value, and organizational unit assignments

Several ways of attribution that makes the process more intelligent and dynamic.

Parallel flows

Create parallel processes and make flow management and execution smarter and more complete.

Viewing Case History

Review all steps of a specific case, identify assignment dates, users involved, completed and pending tasks.

Advanced Process Search

See cases using filters to retrieve processes in various ways. Find all cases in a given step, everything assigned to a user, list a case history, filter by variables, easily identify critical deadline cases.

Parameterization and time tracking assigned to each task

Add more efficiency to the process by applying SLA in the steps, and assigning deadlines to a process. Include valuable management control and ensure tasks are delivered on time.

View documents linked to the process using BPM

Processed documents are viewed internally without having to download files to users' machines, in the following formats: pdf, png, jpg, tiff, txt, xml, video files and audio files can also be processed internally. Other formats can be managed normally, but are not supported by the internal viewer.

Ability to redirect cases from SLA status

Let the system make decisions based on missed deadlines. Keep track of SLA finished tasks

Case Reassignment by Supervisor

Easily redirect activities from the supervision window and avoid task backlogs for users, or that processes stop because someone on the team was absent.

Cases cancellation

The supervisor has the autonomy to cancel and reactivate cases when necessary.

Integration with external databases

During cases execution, information from external data can be imported to fill forms or to validating business rules. This feature is widely used because it allows you to normalize information and reuse it intelligently.

Process hierarchy notifications from the SLA

Notify tasks to users, manager users (responsible for organizational units taks), next task managers, or specific users from SLA interactions.

Indexing documents in ECM from BPM forms

All documents can be added to the platform from BPM, and they are automatically indexed through the flux variables and they are defined in the forms assigned in the design of the process and during the documents update.

Ability to redirect cases from SLA status

Let the system make decisions if the deadlines are not met in each step. Keep history of tasks terminated by the SLA.

Check the SLA

Receive alerts when cases are critical or overdue. Send e-mail notifications before or after a task. Inform the user when a new task is assigned to him/her.

Business days calendar

Create work calendars for your team and assign the calendar to processes for SLA control.

Web Services Integration

Specific integrations can be implemented via Web Services, such as: triggering processes from ERP routines, returning BPM data to ERP or any other application, etc ...

BI integration to create dashboards for analysis, statistics and reports

Data generated from workflows can be configured and synchronized with BI allowing to automatically feed portals with over 60 analysis, chart and report templates.

Process Supervision

Delegate managers/supervisors to the flows and allow them to track the execution of all tasks and interact in the process time to take action to ensure deadlines are met

Graphical visualization of the process status

Understand the progress of the case by looking at the flow drawing with the identification of the completed steps, the current step, and the next step.


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