Contract management

The process model for creating contracts and signing them aims to create a safe and efficient scenario for moving from paper to digital with a number of advantages compared to the traditional model of drafting contracts and physical signatures.


Allow yourself to create the minutes, change, review, approve, create the final version, submit for signature, and archive totally digital signed version without printing any sheets of paper.

The contract goes back and forth until everything gets approved, and everything happens via digital process with traceability, including control of altered versions.

In the flow, the user that starts the process can select who will do the next task, allowing to send the minutes to the most suitable people according to the type of contract being issued.

If the first approval occurs, the flow goes to the legal department for a final analysis. With the legal report the user that started can submit the contract for approval, or make the changes recommended by the legal department, if there is any. In this case, the contract returns to the approval step and later to the legal department for final validation.

When the final version is ready, the user responsible for the contract is given the task to send to the person who must sign, using the signature control panel, which allows you to add a mailing list and define who should sign, who should be aware, etc.

Through this panel, the responsible person monitors who has already signed the contract, and who still has to sign, and when everyone signs, the system enables the button to import the document into the process, where it will be archived.

Working with a 100% digital process it is also good from the financial perspective, because not only improves the control and setting standards, but also reduce the costs of issuing, signing and managing contracts. >
If you import this template and need to change, do not worry, you can easily adapt the flow steps to better fit your business reality.

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