Customer service

If you work with customer service, you already know how helpful is to have an organized process.
If all requests are standardized, organized on the same platform, designed for the right professional, and visually easy to find, everything is better.


Demand Service

How to control all internal and external demands more efficiently and keep customers happy?
An organized process of answering the solicitations is useful for keeping the service structure running in sync, and preventing losing requests, or not meeting the deadline.

Structuring and Standardization

Structuring the process is to standardize the most diverse types of requests into a single flow that can safely distribute tasks, consequently will increase the company's efficiency, allow visibility, and track each request easily.

Focused on your segment

Although each business segment uses its own language for its requests, you can define a generic flow that meets the needs of any business segment. But you can easily adapt it to suit your business by utilizing the features available in process designer using BPMN 2.0 notation.

What does your company gain from this process?

Greater organization and synchronization between work teams.
Better perception of your company for your customer.
But it doesn't stop there, see below other changes that will impact the way to meet demands.

How to work with this process?

It's simple! In a main form, the requester will fill in the request details. After submitting the process, the system will identify which area will be forwarded.

The area will immediately receive the demand and take the necessary action or may reassign to another area if the applicant has made a mistake in the request.

The request may be ended and a notification will be sent to the requester with the result of the service, or may escalate to higher levels.

Also know other processes

Do you want to automate your processes quickly?

Use the free, ready-made templates we make available to you, or create your own BPM streams.


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