Expenses refund

With the flow control of expense reimbursement, orders will be organized and can be easily opened by any employee who needs to report an expense.


This model uses two options, one to advance funds for future use and the other to reimburse resources already used.
In a form with expense detail fields, the contributor adds the required information and attaches the relevant documents.

The request is forwarded to the department manager who authorizes reimbursement or advance payment.
Additional approval may be required, in which case the manager submits it to the senior manager, if necessary, this may be submitted automatically, if the business rule is defined to escalate for aproval depending on the value, but this is an optional model where the area manager decides whether or not to submit to another manager for approval.

If the reimbursement or advance payment is approved, it will be forwarded to the HR for acknowledgment and at the same time to the finance department to schedule the payment on the date defined .

After the payment has been made, the finance person attaches the receipt and the system sends an e-mail to the requester informing that the reimbursement has been made.

If the refund is not approved, the flow ends and the requester is notified by e-mail indicating the reasons for rejection, or if there is a partial rejection, either way the requestor will receive an e-mail about the reasons for the partial rejection or when making the payment.

You can review all requests in progress any time, create reports of how many reimbursements were made in a period, or to an employee, and other filters.

Export details of operations to Excel and work with data your way.

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