Purchase order

This process model contemplate the steps that are part of the purchase flow, from ordering material to delivery.
It is a suggestion of how the flow should work, and it is adherent to most businesses, however, it is flexible for adjusting according to each business need.


Users who are allowed to place a purchase order, will complete the order form and initiate the flow.
When the purchase order is received, the responsible department checks whether the product is actually out of stock and can approve or reject the purchase order.

If the order is approved, the purchasing area receives the request and then issues 3 quotes to identify the best supplier for each order item.

Upon receipt of quotations, they are attached to the flow and an assessment is made to identify the best supplier for each item. Then the negotiation phase starts with the supplier for issuing the purchase order to the supplier with the best price.

The purchasing department will inform if the order can be received partially or only when it is completed, and the flow goes to the requester waiting for the goods to be received.

When the order material arrives, the invoice will be attached to the process, and it will inform if the order was delivered correctly or if it has any backlog.

In case of partial or incorrect delivery, the purchasing department is informed via the due diligence process with the supplier and the flow returns to the requester to await delivery of the pending materials if the purchasing area informs that they will be delivered.

The whole flow has 6 steps:

  • Solicitation
  • Approval
  • Quote
  • Purchase
  • Material reception
  • Pendency Solution

The documents attached to the process can be viewed whenever necessary directly in the ECM or from the history of each case in the BPM.

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