Recruitment and selection

Hiring people in a medium or large company can be a complex task, especially if the company constantly have job vacancy or temporary contracts.
The volume of requests can be large and overwhelming to the Human resources department.


Tracking requests in spreadsheets, e-mails, and other tools slows the time of response because staff have to deal with a lot of data, documents, and control everything manually to make sure that no important information is missing.

Automating will speed up the process steps and make the flow much more efficient. This maximizes HR work, and adds more security to the hiring process and other stages of the employee's relationship with the company. The hiring will be done in accordance with the requirements, standards and norms previously defined, and all necessary documents will be available, and centralized to support other necessary activities.

Benefits of hiring flow automation

  • Reduction in the amount of paper used in the process;
  • Control and centralization of all requests via the system;
  • Centralization of documentation;
  • Reduction of response time;
  • Visibility of the progress of each request;
  • Reduction of labor risk;
  • Better compliance;
  • Greater process organization;

Hiring Flow Steps

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